Arnhem Land tours in the Top End

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Arnhem Land tours in the Top End

Arnhem Land Tours

Arnhem Land is a wonder of the natural world and a premier tourist destination and attraction in the Top End. If you just had one day in the Top End, make sure it’s an Arnhem land day tour. The amazing cultural history of the Aboriginal people combine with stunning natural landscapes to create an experience unlike any other. Rugged ranges fold into breathtaking gorges, waterfalls and tranquil billabongs pool in the midst of wild wetlands.

Arnhem Land is an enormous region in the north east of the Northern Territory, it has been occupied by Aboriginal people for over 40,000 years. Discover the living culture of Arnhem Land. A spiritual place for the traditional owners of the land. You’ll find ancient rock art and cultural sites, a long and storied history of an ancient people. Recent history has seen cultures collide and interact, and that more recent history is also reflected in your experience.

Today, around 20,000 aboriginal people proudly live in Arnhem Land. Let an experienced and wise Aboriginal guide take you to some of the significant sites of ancient rock art like the site at Injalak Hill (Long Tom Dreaming), some say the best rock art examples in Australia. In some ways, it’s the stories, depth of knowledge and passion of the Aboriginal guides that make these tours so memorable.

You’ll be taken through some truly picturesque Australian wilderness and you’ll be exposed to some breathtaking panoramas of the floodplains atop towering lookouts.

Arnhem Land Tours in the Top End

Needless to say, the amount of wildlife you will see on such a tour is phenomenal. You’re bound to see birds of all shapes, sizes and colours, as well as many iconic Australian animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, goannas and more.

Browse and purchase goods from the non-for-profit Aboriginal Art & Craft Centre where you’ll find fascinating replications of ancient weapons, tools, artwork and weaving. When booking a tour to Arnhem Land you have many options.

You could take a day tour from Darwin and have a fantastic experience visiting the rock art in the morning, enjoying a traditional lunch before exploring some spectacular lookouts and heading to the Art and Craft Centre. Or, you could stay a little longer. There are several well known tour operators that offer longer expeditions where you get to experience a true Arnhem Land safari.

You can rough it authentically or kick back in style and comfort. There are sunset lagoon cruises and Wilderness Lodges. Safari camps (with the most luxurious tents you’ve ever seen) or maybe just a sleeping bag under the starry sky.