The Darwin Birdwatching Experience

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The Darwin Birdwatching Experience

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Experience the wild, the Northern Territory's Top End features an incredible array of habitats which provide homes for an exceptional variety and density of birds.

Darwin city itself has many unspoiled areas within a stone’s throw and many fantastic ‘Experience The Wild’ tours which showcase the wonderful diversity of birdlife and habitats.

See rare and specialist bird species in their natural habitat, whether it be savannah woodland, monsoon forest, a sandy shoreline or a mangrove creek. You can find all these habitats nestled together in the same locations, offering little treasure chests of birdwatching delight. After exploring these easy to reach locations the tours often venture further out to other areas such as the Mary River National Park where it’s common to see stunning Gouldian Finches.

Tours can often take you to Kakadu where some species which call the Arnhemland Escarpment home are completely unique to that location.

All the while experienced guides are offering insights into the significance of the landforms, wildlife, seasonal cycle and the amazing work of the conservationists, some practices which have continued for thousands of years.

If you’re chasing specific birds the tour operators will gladly tailor the experience to target locations of likely sightings.