4WD Adventures in the Top End

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4WD Adventures in the Top End


The Top End offers a diverse range of unique terrain, camping opportunities and outdoor adventures, overall it's a prime destination for a 4WD holiday.

It’s a land of vast desert, spectacular gorges and rocky mountain ranges all riddled with exciting opportunities. Genuine Australian bush camping, swimming in plunge pools beneath spectacular waterfalls, ancient aboriginal culture and incredible sights await those who dare to explore this stunning landscape.

The best places to go for a 4WD Adventure

Gregory National Park in the Victoria River Downs is a great place for a family 4WD getaway. Drive across rivers, walk bush trails amongst the native woodland and view waterholes teeming with life in a seemingly inhospitable and dry environment.

The Garig Gunak Barlu National Park and it’s surrounding area also has a lot to offer 4WD lovers along the north coast of the Territory. With a rich history, a range of beautiful beaches and boating opportunities as well as bush camping under the stars to tempt intrepid travellers. Renowned fishing spots can be accessed via 4WD routes making for excellent day trip adventures if you set up base camp at one of the popular sites.


The MacDonnell Ranges is another spot for 4WD enthusiasts of all ages. The amazing gorges of the area are a great attraction and the desert mountain landscape is captivating in its isolation. You’ll want to visit Trephina Gorge which features great camping areas for you to enjoy with the whole family.

The ever popular Litchfield National Park also features a variety of 4WD only tracks that lead to waterfalls and fishing spots. Tjaynera Falls is nestled in an open valley with paperbark woodland. A snorkel may be required for a number of the creek crossings required to reach it and roads are often closed in the wet season, so check with the government authorities before planning your trip.


Another popular options is to take the rainforest trek through to another attractive and un-crowded plunge pool at Greenant Creek.

You could also go visit the Lost City. It’s a collection of rock formations, famous with the old wagon road which was used by pioneers passing through. There is also a challenging 4WD track and you’ll need a vehicle with plenty of ground clearance to tackle the rock ledges and sandbank drifts.

You’ll be rewarded with swimming and relaxing around the plunge pools beneath the stunning Florence, tolmer and Wangi Falls of Litchfield National Park.