Top Four Waterfalls to visit in the Top End

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Top Four Waterfalls to visit in the Top End


The following are four of the best waterfalls and cool pools to visit in the Top End. Places of tranquil beauty, natural luxury and spectacular swimming opportunities!

Edith Falls

 Edith Falls

Off the famous Stuart Highway, this location is probably the most popular of the bunch. Take a refreshing swim in the top pool or walk around the wonderful lake. With ample parking and a cafe it’s a well loved, accessible site perfect for a family visit.

0600 Edith Falls

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Jim Jim Falls
A highlight of the region, Jim Jim Falls are accessible via road, 4WD in the wet season and by flight anytime, which is an expensive but breathtaking way to experience the waterfall. Clambour over rocks and you’ll be rewarded with lovely views of the falls and the creek which feeds it, along with lookouts along the walking track itself.

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By Nigel Malone - Nigel Malone, CC BY-SA 1.0, Link

Twin Falls
Often offered as a package deal to see both Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls in one go, Twin Falls is another breathtaking location. No swimming here, but the views of deep cut rock gorges and incredible atmosphere are well with the trip. For some, the 4WD river crossing to perform to get in and out is the fun part (snorkel required!). Not accessible in wet season, again we recommend the flight!

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Gunlom Waterfall
Gunlom is the standout entry for swimming and it’s accessible by road. The trip to the swimming holes themselves is a 30 - 40 minute walk. The views from the top are truly spectacular. A true Kakadu experience, the kind to stick with you for a lifetime.


Image 1: By Nigel Malone - Nigel Malone, CC BY-SA 1.0,